The wisest words I’ve ever heard

This too, shall pass.
Here’s how repeating these words to yourself can be a real game changer to your mood.

My mum who has given me so much great advice in my life was on hand with this wisdom when I was going through a tough patch – these words helped me persevere then and still do now!

It’s a lovely mantra to help give perspective. When things aren’t going well we can let them feel so heavy by thinking this state won’t end and desperately wanting it to change… Biggest advice in the down periods is to talk to someone or write down how you’re feeling. Get it out!

Embrace the up periods but don’t force them through splurging on alcohol, fast food or the likes. Let them come and go and accept them naturally.

By working on mind, body and soul we can have the up periods more often and help the low periods to pass quicker and with less energy sapping…

Declan “loves a migical mantra” Treanor

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