How to enjoy eating out without falling off the wagon

Thursday’s Nutrition Nugget


Curiosity cures the cat – read on to avoid those guilty post eating out feelings we hate 😄



Make fun nutritional ways of dining out – here’s some examples for eating out:


  1. We only go to restaurants that have at least some healthy options so no pure junk food joints.


  1. Start looking at the restaurant’s menu earlier in the day to avoid impromptu unhealthy decisions on the spot while at the restaurant.


  1. Experiment by opting for the soup, smoothie or salad option half of the time if you often veer towards the fattier options on the menu.


  1. Experiment by going out and ordering only one course.


  1. Experiment by erring on the side of ordering too little and then you can order extra as opposed to doing the opposite and ordering too much.


  1. Experiment by leaving some food and asking for it to be put in a doggy bag for tomorrow.


  1. Experiment by leaving some food on your plate if you’re too full. Don’t ask for a doggy bag this time. Sometimes we obsess with finishing food that doesn’t need to be finished and makes us overly full. This is another form of waste and can lead to overeating and weight gain.


  1. In order to cut down on sweet stuff make a rule that the only time you can eat a sweet is at a weekly meal where you have the restaurants homemade dessert. The rest of the time any sweet craving is satisfied with a piece of fruit.


Why have I used the word experiment so much? We learn what works for us through experiment and it can be less daunting than a full out ban (which may eventually be the best policy on certain foods and drinks) so makes it easier to start making healthier decisions.


Declan ‘Challenge Our Norms’ Treanor

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