The Numbers Game

I couldn’t believe it when I heard this


Just how important Numbers are when it comes to fulfilling your potential


Students sitting exams in halls with bigger numbers generally tend to perform worse than those sitting the same exams in halls or classrooms with smaller numbers


Students sitting exam
Read on to discover how you can use this info to unlock your potential!


This is because when we frame competition to be less we work towards our goal quicker, more efficiently and with more self-confidence


I see two important lessons here:


  1. If you are setting up a new business or writing a book do not set up close to or remind yourself of all the competition out there


  1. Focus more on performance goals e.g. improve on writing a proposal to be published by studying a book on the topic and asking a friend in the industry for advice


Don’t focus on outcome goals like getting published or getting the same number of Instagram followers as such and such an expert as they are not completely within our control


Performance goals are in our control and give us a much better chance of obtaining outcome goals


Declan ‘Number Cruncher’ Treanor

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