What’s your truth?

Soul cleansing Sunday – you need to ask yourself this question to grow and put the past right…



For me what I want to speak truth for and give away most is encouragement, positivity and building people up (in mind, confidence and body)!



I have experienced bullying in the past and it has had a profound impact on me and the person I strive to be.



We may have witnessed or suffered from bullying growing up.



We may regret how we reacted in the face of bullying and what we did or did not do in the face of it.



If we are completely honest with ourselves we may have bullied somebody in the past and made them feel small.



Let’s develop the empathy skills to realise our words have impact and to use them in a kind, appropriate and well meaning manner.



This may include giving constructive criticism and telling some harsh truths at times with the recipient’s best interests at heart.



Let’s commit to developing the assertiveness skills to stand up against any form of bullying that we see.



In schools it could be to approach a teacher about what is going on, at work it could be to approach a superior or HR about the issue or we could let the bully know with an assertive comment like “I don’t think that’s very nice/appropriate etc.” that we are not ok with their actions.



Assertiveness trumps bullying every time!



Declan “Soul Searching” Treanor


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