How Coffee Shops are making mugs of us! Important lesson for motivation and success at work to be learned…

Workplace Wisdom

Do you know that when people have a gift card that once they buy 10 mugs of coffee they will get a freebie that that they will increase their rate of consumption as the tenth mug approaches?

This is because when the end is in sight we tend to get a jolt of energy and focus towards task completion.

Even more interestingly is that if you get a stamp for 12 mugs with 2 already stamped at the outset and then will get a freebie you are likely to consume more coffee than the 10 stamp card with none already stamped…

This is because in the case of 12 with 2 stamped you have a perceived head start so the goal appears closer.

So next time you are struggling to get started with a goal or keep up motivation make a point of looking at your head start i.e. the skills and/or progress you’ve developed and made to date and how this puts you closer to the finish line than you think 👌

In practice it could be as simple as starting your to do list for the day with some tasks you’ve already complete e.g. making the bed and having a healthy breakfast. You’ll feel good seeing a few items ticked already.

This experiment example is taken from a Columbia university study which Shawn Achor refers to in his fantastic book before happiness.

Declan ‘The Mug’ Treanor

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