I’m a grandad I know but it helps me stop binge eating…

I know that come a certain point in the evening I’m only eating out of boredom or tiredness


So, here’s what I do to avoid this

Binge no More


I divert my attention and get ready for bed early (lame I know 😉)


Part of this routine is washing my teeth


Once that is done I won’t feel like eating again


And I can then divert my attention to something else


For some of us it may be family time or reading a book


It should be something relaxing and enjoyable not more work!


Below is an immensely useful graphic to stop letting emotional hunger take over


Most importantly it gives some potential distractions to divert your attention from food cravings


This will make our food habit journey all the easier and more rewarding


I hope you all have that Friday Feeling!


Declan ‘positive habits’ Treanor



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