The importance of positive self-talk – magic mantra 1!

Magic Mantra 1

We have an inclination to believe that when we finish this self help book or such and such a course we will be complete.

The problem with this outlook is that there will always be another course or book we ‘must read’. When self doubt takes over remember that we are enough as the imperfect people we are.
Use this mantra, say it internally or in front of the mirror until you believe it!

Treat yourself as a friend.

It doesn’t mean that we will stop trying to improve but that we can recognise and appreciate ourselves as we are – the positives and the areas which we want to get better on 💪💪

Declan “Happy Friday” Treanor

1 thought on “The importance of positive self-talk – magic mantra 1!

  1. Your blog is very encouraging. You really tell such great thing that positive self-talk will help you to imagine positive things in your life. Thank you so much for this magic mantra.

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