Want to eat better while learning and having fun? Take a cookery class!

Here’s why I think nutrition and cooking should be compulsory subjects in national and secondary schools…

Samantha Hunt Photography
How can we prepare wonderful, simple and nutritious meals without education?

Recently my fiancée Marilena and I went for a cookery lesson with top naturopathic nutritionist Gráinne O’Shea. It was Marilena’s birthday present to me and I couldn’t have hoped for a better or more enlightening experience.

We had the pleasure of the extremely talented Samantha Hunt joining us on the day to capture the moments.

All recipes and relevant contact details will be shared at the end of the article.

Here’s what we learned (6 brief and easily implemented points):

  • Simple and effective techniques that many of us are getting wrong like how to slice onions correctly or even crack an egg…



  • Don’t allow ingredients to intimidate you. I had never cooked cauliflower and beetroot before simply because I saw them as taking me out of my comfort zone and taking too long. What a load of rubbish! Here’s why I’m glad I didn’t give up on them and sought Gráinne’s help for innovative ways of using them.



  • How to make a more healthy dessert option. Check out these delicious chocolate and beetroot cupcakes.


Samantha Hunt PhotographySamantha Hunt Photography


  • Tailor meals toward what you are trying to work on diet wise at any given time. While seeking to improve my health Gráinne has been helping me to cut back on dairy and gluten.



  • Culinary education opens your eyes to a whole manner of delicious ways which you can use different ingredients that you thought could only be used one way…


BBQd Nectarine 2

Samantha Hunt Photography


  • Most importantly when you give it the time and preparation it deserves, learning how to improve as a cook can be so much fun!


Samantha Hunt Photography


Here are the recipes from the day:


Recipe 4Recipe 3Recipe-2.jpgRecipe 1

Beetroot Cupcakes


Gráinne can be contacted here for nutrition advice – https://www.hardyandhealthy.co.uk/

Samantha can be contacted here for top quality photography – https://www.samanthahuntphotography.com/

Happy Wednesday to you all!


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