Give help and get ahead at work!

“I’m too nice for my own good” – excellent!

Give selflessly



I’m here to tell you that’s a good start point 😊




And positive psychologist Shawn Achor has proven how this can work in your favour




The correlation between perceived social support and happiness is greater than the connection between smoking and cancer




HOWEVER social support is not to be seen as just receiving help




It is about giving it as well




And the difference between those who give most and least at work are astounding




Work altruists (those who support the most) benefit from the following over work isolators (those who support the least):




  1. Over 50% of altruists get on “extremely well” with colleagues versus only around 20% of isolators.
  2. They are twice as likely as isolators to have job satisfaction.
  3. Two thirds of altruists are likely to have excellent relations with superiors.
  4. “Only 7% percent of isolators had received a promotion in the previous year, compared to about 40% of each of the other groups”.




Thanks Mr. Achor for such wonderful research.




So let’s ask ourselves are we being too insular at work?




Looking after our own patch or team’s needs when we could reach out to improve relations and creative solutions as well as boost our own personal success ambitions…




Check out my corporate workshops which show how to develop better communication, relationships with the important knock on benefit of improved productivity




Happy Friday!




Declan “Give and Get Back” Treanor

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