Stop letting stupid tasks and chores get you down…

It’s amazing how 2 different people create different realities from the same situation

Clean as a whistle
Like washing the dishes


These realities will greatly influence their happiness


Happiness is a choice! Don’t let negative thoughts rule your mind.


Here’s a simple example:


I have to clean the dishes.


This is:


1. The task I hate most in the world, boring and going to take ages.




2. A task that will help me get brownie points with the hubby/missus, gives me a chance to be mindful in the moment and not opposite a screen and maybe I can throw on some relaxing music while cleaning so I don’t rush and maybe even enjoy it 😊


Next time we have one of those tasks “I just don’t like”


Take 20 seconds to preframe the task correctly


Find 3 positives that can be found in doing the task


This will help make chores feel a little lighter and happier


Declan “Preframe” Treanor

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