Want to feel happier and more energetic in seconds?

Super short and simple post today

Happiness is a choice



On a sheet or word document I want you to write 10 things




That make you feel happy immediately




For me one such thing is listening to “you’re so vain” sung by Carly Simon




Don’t know what it is about that song that makes me want to bop and puts a smile on my face 😊




Or maybe it’s a funny youtube clip…




There’s lots of serious things going on in our lives so a list like this can be reverted to




When we feel overwhelmed




These 10 things can help us smile




And keep our spirits up during tough times




What’s your happy tune? Let me know in the comments sections as they can give us all a nice lift!




Have a listen – you know you want to 😊







Declan ‘Vain’ Treanor

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