Naysayers hide behind jokes, doers succeed!

I’m so proud of this man. Here’s how to overcome adversity!

Screw Naysayers


A great footballer that I used to be on the same team as,


Here was his message to me last week, he has agreed for me to share it with you:


“Aware that I’m still a little bit heavy for football,


I’ve been doing extra fitness sessions in the local park.


Modelled on our old manager’s workout- burpees, press-ups, sit-ups etc.


High Intensity Interval Training stuff.


Anyway, about mid-way through the set, some local lads come over and start mocking the way I’m doing the burpees


Which admittedly wouldn’t be my favourite exercise.


So, I stood watching them for a few moments.


And then I thought,


“Well, I’m not going to let anyone make me feel bad about trying to improve myself”


So I powered through and finished my sets.


I don’t think I would have been capable of that a few years ago, or even last year, when I was injured, overweight and tbh, feeling pretty sorry for myself.


Anyway, I get your bite-size motivational emails and these definitely help, so thanks for that.”


End of awesome message 💪💪


Way to go bud!


This story brings a quote to mind from a founder of Taiji, an ancient Chinese martial art:


When a worthless scholar hears the Tao, he laughs boisterously at it.


Most people who are laughing are hiding behind a veneer which is fear to try themselves!


Happy Thursday to you all 😊


Declan ‘Proud’ Treanor

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