3 mini habits for a productive and peaceful workplace

Want to take on a simple 3-week challenge?

Happy Workplace



Great, are you sitting comfortably?



Then let me begin 😊



Your tasks for the next 3 weeks at work are as follows:



1. A genuine complement to a colleague a day vie email or in person.



2. Stretch or walk every 2 hours (to promote getting away from the desk every 2 hours for an ‘active’ 5 minute break).



Here are some stretching ideas:





3. 2 minutes of mindful breathing (3 second inhale, 2 second pause and a long 5 second exhale). This is a total of 12 mindful and peaceful breaths.



For breathing and quick mindfulness guidelines, see this video:





If the three tasks feel like too much pressure – there’s a solution!



Please choose one of them and stick with it.



I will check in with you all during the second week of August to see how you have progressed.



Declan ‘Mini Habits’ Treanor

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