Why I feel no sympathy for people working 12-hour days!

The perception of a hard worker is slowly killing us

Hard worker hmm...




In a previous life working in industry I received emails at strange hours




00.02 and 05.56




Why do I remember these times exactly?




Cause I remember thinking when do these people get to rest 😊




We choose the environments in which we work and we also choose




How much work we agree to take on




The culture in many companies is the more I take on and complete




The quicker I progress




The problem is fuelling such long hours has health implications




Potentially less sleep, sugary food consumption and lots of caffeine to keep topping energy levels




We need to flip the script and change this culture





It’s the quality within the hours of work that counts




We help ensure that people perform to the max within reasonable working hours




As a result the need for ridiculous hours is eliminated




Find below a link to the key skills you need to learn in order to work less and produce more




If you feel this would be of interest to your company please make sure the info ends up in the right hands.




I hope you have that Friday feeling!




Declan ‘Challenge the Status Quo’ Treanor




Performance Treanor’s Corporate Workshops

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