I disliked them so much my mum had to trick me into eating them


She would mash some carrots in with potato to up my intake


While I was a boy then, I carried this reluctance to try new vegetables into later life


Realising how healthy and important they are I reached out for help


Last weekend top Naturopathic Nutritionist Gráinne O’Shea broadened my culinary knowledge


Here’s a video of what she taught me during our cooking practical



You see it’s kind of like when people and businesses come to me


For help when it comes to exercise, motivation, mapping for success and laser focus


We need to acknowledge where we don’t know enough and want to develop


Then, and this is the most important step, ask for help!


Be vulnerable, expand out our social support network and grow as people 😊


Hope you have that Friday Feeling 💪💪


Declan “Martha Stewart” Treanor


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