Here’s how we slew the triathlon dragon – adapt a beginner’s mindset…



Fell off my bike for the third time – this is hopeless!

I can still feel the bruise


It was the night before my first triathlon


I had put pedal clips on my bike to cycle faster for the event


Only problem was I didn’t know how to clip my feet in


Instead of allowing my frustration to take over


I got back on the saddle and made sure the last practice clip in was a good one


I wouldn’t have managed it without the support of my friend Colin


Colin in action
Colin in action at the event


Who joined me for the event in the Ardennes


He was a like a parent running alongside their kid as they learn to cycle for the first time


You see there is something refreshing about approaching something with a beginner’s mindset


Accepting that we don’t know everything and trusting in learning through others.


For more key learnings from Colin and I about taking on the unknown with the triathlon


Check out this video about how to achieve what’s meaningful to you in life




Declan “Adapt a Beginner’s Mindset” Treanor



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