​​​​​​​Big mamma likes her biscuits


This was the funniest answer I got from friends as to why they fail on diet


The 5 d’s are a way to combat cravings which feel immediate:


Delay – don’t react to the want for ice cream in the department store.


Notice the craving and make a conscious decision to do some:


Deep breathing


Breath in for 3 seconds pause for 2 then breath out for 5


Take control of your senses back.


Then Divert your attention away from the craving


Go back for it in 20 minutes


Once you have complete an errand or two. That’s if you still want it!


Drink water in the mean time!


Sometimes we feel hungry when the case is that we are actually dehydrated
Direct Message:


Message a friend or accountability partner to feel less alone


We are more likely not to do something we really don’t want when we reach out to another


Hopefully you have found this helpful 😊


Declan “End the Binge” Treanor

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