This is why you need to control your inner chimp when it comes to food…


I was having breakfast while on holiday in Pisa


About to finish up after a good feed of fruit and yogurt


That’s until the fresh croissants arrive


We stay a while longer


I have not one but two and another coffee!


Next thing I know we are late for our flight


We’re at the petrol station beside the airport, now really late


I panic, rush to prepay for petrol


End up paying for 3 people’s petrol and only found out this week when the bill came in


Ok, part (or maybe all 😉) of the problem was my own stupidity


However I didn’t need the croissants, I was full


I set a chain of events into motion leading me to screw up and rush the payment


This was a great example of letting my emotional hunger take over


There is a big difference between emotional and physical hunger


Knowing the difference could save you a lot of hardship


Make sure to check out the photo below to know the difference


And change your dietary habits and life for the better


Declan “2 Croissants too many 😊” Treanor


Emotional vs Physical Hunger

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