Peaceful Sleep Tip 2: 8 hours rest or sleep – which is it?

Oh I am a nightmare if I don’t get my 8 hours sleep 😡


Ever heard this said?


Maybe the fixation with 8 hours is the problem


Or certainly how we frame it


You get to bed at 21.55 knowing you must be up at 06.00 the following morning


5 minutes to get to sleep because of the condition we have set – no pressure 😉


We all know when we force sleep it doesn’t come…


Could we frame it more as rest time?


For most of us being in bed resting for 8 hours is an improvement so why not start here?


By framing our time in bed as rest time we take the pressure of


And will naturally sleep better.


For more information on how to sleep easier once you are in bed


Check out this article




The article will help you all back to a more peaceful childlike sleep


Like the photo of my little bro below when he was only a wee toddler 👦


Declan “Zzzzzzz😴” Treanor


Marko T

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