“If only I had of taken that opportunity”


It would all be different – right?


Here we often make the assumption things would have ended up better


We may take for granted all the great things we have in our lives right now


Forgetting that any opportunities pursued or missed out on lead us to this point


In the video I will share I reflect on getting to the top level in Gaelic Football


Then leaving to pursue an Erasmus study abroad opportunity instead


I never reached such a high level in Gaelic Football again


I berated myself for this decision for too long


Not realising that the alternative study abroad opportunity lead me to my passion


Which is Performance Training in Brussels right now


So I see that there is a good chance things would not have turned out better


If I stayed in Dublin to play football


By coming to this realisation it can lessen the load…


The load we have allowed regrets to weigh our minds down with


Happy Monday to all 😊


I look forward to bringing you regret reflection 2 and 3 on Wednesday and Friday


Declan “Learn From Regret & Move Forward” Treanor


Oh and I nearly forgot, here is the regret reflection video I mentioned


Which was rudely interrupted by a wasp that wouldn’t buzz off 😉





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