Retired Irish soccer star Roy Keane once said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”


The same applies to your diet


We can struggle when we get home from work not to go on a food binge


It’s a case that we almost feel entitled to it after a stressful day


Here’s how you can prevent taking out the days stresses on an empty foe


Firstly, plan to succeed by preparing food in advance


It may sound boring however the rewards can be massive


Why not prep your vegetables for the week ahead by chopping them on a Sunday?


This pre-preparation could make the difference between making a quick healthy stir fry


Instead of filling up on processed snacks that will make you feel lousy in the long run


Such preparation will enable you to plan your meals for the week


Use the document attached to start this process


Planning your meals helps you to keep discipline and not consistently nibble throughout the day


Your digestive system will thank you in the long run


Sorry for cheating but I’m deciding to make this article about 2 more words to succeed with diet


Declan ‘Prepare then Plan to Fuel and Perform’ Treanor


Meal Planner Template

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