You’d be amazed


How often I hear this from people in the gym:


“I don’t need help with diet”


If you are struggling with fat loss


Then you do


Because you can’t outrun a bad diet


T stands for tracking


Most of us have never noted what we eat for one whole week


So we are not fully aware of our habits


And have no idea the amount of calories there are in the foods and dishes that we eat


If you want to get started with a healthier and more energy giving diet


Then try the 1-week tracking challenge as a start point


Download My Fitness Pall app free of charge and begin tracking today for the whole week


Below is a photo of the app itself to give an idea how it works


Be honest, eat the foods which you normally eat for the week


This gives a true and fair reflection


It’s very easy to use and will only take 10 minutes a day to fill


Happy eating 😊


I look forward to bringing you dietary game changing tip 2 on Wednesday


And divulging what the first ‘P’ stands for…


Declan ‘Fuel 2 Perform’ Treanor


My Fitness Pal

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