​​​​​​​My Dad wasn’t angry, it was worse!


He was disappointed…


I was 10 years old and refused to take a penalty in the shootout


I was afraid of missing


And thought everyone would hate me if I did


This was a distorted thought – I was jumping to conclusions


We lost on penalties


I realised my Dad wouldn’t have been disappointed if I missed


He was disappointed I didn’t try


From that day on I made a vow not to shy away from the big kicks


I’ll always admire people with the audacity to try despite the fear of failure


Last weekend during our tournament final


I took a penalty


Despite having a personal history of missing some big kicks in matches in the past


This opportunity meant a lot me


Some recent advice came to mind before taking the kick


Take a deep breath and drop the shoulders to relieve tension in the body


This helped me relax and take the kick in my natural way


Here’s what happened next





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Declan ‘Step Up to Succeed’ Treanor


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