Have you got 30 seconds? I promise you’ll learn an important lesson by the end of it..



Please get paper and a pen/pencil



Play this video as your countdown timer





Complete the following;



1a. Draw a square



1b. Calculate 12×12



1c. What’s 105/7



1d. Who was the first person to walk on the moon?



1e. Who won 4 track and field golds at the 1936 Olympics?



1f. Touch your toes



1g. Touch your nose with your tongue



1h. Who famously said – a customer  can have a car of any colour as long as it is black



1i. Only complete as far as 1c.



Hopefully you have got the message. If not take a look at instruction 1i again…



In order to perform under pressure we must understand the task in its entirety.



This also highlights the importance of taking a moment to steady yourself before begining



Respond and don’t react



Don’t answer a question that wasn’t asked.



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Declan “Let’s be as Cool as Cucumbers” Treanor

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