Fat to Fit Dad – How Marvellous Mark lost a whopping 3.5kg

“I was sitting at home mid October. Kids called me fatty…”

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The Cunningham Boys – Top Men!

Mark recently left this review on the Performance Treanor Facebook page – well worth a read!

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Bearing in mind this man runs his own company and is a father of 3 these results are nothing short of astounding…

Why he started Personal Training?

“Part of the reason was weight. We bought a scales at home that measured body fat and I was around the 30% region and that’s too much. Also my weight had got up very high so I decided to try and lose a bit of weight and tone up a bit”.

Mark working up a sweat in one of his 3 a week sessions

How do you feel now? 

“I lost a lot of weight but I feel better. I’m a lot fitter, a lot stronger and sleep better because I’m tired obviously thanks to you”.

He also made efforts on the diet front,

“I cut out most of the fat and sugar. I replace fatty meat with things like chicken and tuna. Cut out coffee as well, there’s not much fat in that unless you’re taking cappucinos. I drank a lot more water, that’s one thing I was very bad at. Now I’m drinking 2-3 litres a day and it makes a huge difference.”

Here’s a message Mark sent to our Unlock your Potential whatsapp group early on sharing his keys to success with the community,

Mark Cunningham

Mark also upped his protein intake through chicken, tuna and protein shakes. This is good as protein helps you feel fuller for longer.

A croissant which is high in carbs and fat with approximately 350 calories will not keep you as full as a large chicken breast which has approximately 200 calories.

Balancing gym and family time:

“The important thing for me is to do it first thing in the morning or at lunch time. If you leave it until the end of the day there are too many excuses…

“I’m not a morning person but I’m up early anyway with the kids so you may as well keep going with a session.”

Below we see Mark in top form with his family and leading by example bringing his 3 cubs to football, runs and many other sporting occasions.

Advice for people starting their fitness journey:

“I think the best idea is to book something and plan ahead for 2-3 months. Use a trainer because you will never do it yourself. Because if you could do it yourself you would have done it already”.

“Set yourself a few targets. I’ve a few targets I want to reach before Christmas. I want to lose 6kg before Christmas, I want to lose 3 inches off my waist and I do have a very nice pair of trousers that I haven’t worn in about 15 years that I’m looking to get into for Christmas. Also I’d like to be able to do 20 pull ups in a session before Christmas – something like that which you can quantify is good in terms of performance”.

“Set some targets and make the time. You do have the time. If you take the amount of time you spend watching TV or are on Facebook or are on your iPhone and put that time into exercise it’s achievable!”

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Want to hear more from this Super Dad – make sure to check out this short video of his inspiring story:


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