Toned in 12 weeks – Sonia’s amazing 10kg weight loss story! Video testimonial included…

Sonia proves that busy professionals and parents do have time to train right and eat well whilst enjoying the process – here’s the saucy secrets as to how she did it…

Sonia's story
Sonia’s Progress from top left anti-clockwise

Sonia (half Portuguese half Zimbabwean – what a great combination!) not only dropped the 10 kilo’s but gained huge strength and noticed the improvement in her everyday mood as a result of committing to regular sessions.


Sonia had struggled to motivate herself to do a proper gym programme as she felt clueless about where to start like many people out there.


She was brave and decided to ask for help. We began training twice a week then increased it to 3 times a week as she was very happy with her progress.


Read on to find out how it all unfolded:


What was holding you back in the first place?


“The pain point of getting into the gym was what do I do?


“Looking at the machines and not being someone who likes to exercise, that kept me away!


“That’s when I decided well let’s try a personal trainer and that’s when I found you and yeah I love coming to the gym now.


“It’s different when you have a personal trainer who can guide you through as well as look at your eating habits, your posture, give you the exercises that are adapted to you and help you set out goals.”


Any turning points on your weight loss journey?


“I started taking pictures of the parts of my body that I was not happy with and progressively did this.


“Every month I’d take a picture and on the second month I had a look and you know I saw a difference and I look in the mirror and I do see a difference so that motivates me to do more and do better.”


“I think you have to have a connection with your trainer and I have that connection with you so I really enjoy coming.”


“It feels good because you do push me 💪💪”


What advice do you have for people beginning their training journey?


“Get yourself into the gym that’s the first thing – don’t be scared about it.


“In your search for a personal trainer, my advice is that you have to keep three things in mind.


“It’s not only that you are working your body but you have to work your mind and your soul.

Performance Treanor Illustration-White-Outline
Performance Treanor’s ethos – unlock your potential through training mind, body and soul!

“I think you need to put those three things together and find a trainer who helps you get there.”


“If you have a trainer that just shows you how to do the weights and gives you a workout but you don’t have the other two…


“It’s very important to have the other two to be able to connect with yourself and to clear your mind.”


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Advice on beginning a journey of transformation to a happier and healthier you:


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Start of the weight loss process

“My tip is just dive into it. I know especially with women if you don’t feel good with your body it becomes a bit of a vicious circle.  You look in the mirror, you don’t feel happy and you eat more or you don’t go to the gym.


“I think you have to live with what you have or be happy with what you have and then have a goal and work towards that goal.


“The thing is just go into the gym and really put your mind into it and then you can achieve it.


“I found I could, I lost 10 kilos :-)”


As of this month 💪💪

These stunning results weren’t just achieved through efforts in the gym, Sonia worked on her dietary habits also.


Here’s how..




“Eating, well I have periods where I can do very well for a couple of weeks and then I’ll have my downfalls.


“Talking to you the other day it helps because sometime you are too tough on yourself and you say I can’t eat that, I can’t eat this and the more you tell yourself you can’t you find the more you do. Then it becomes a punishment.


“So I think if you treat yourself once in a while I don’t think there is anything wrong with it.


“Sometimes also you think you’re doing things correctly in your eating habits and when you talk to a trainer they put you right.


“My fitness pal (app) is good to keep track of your eating.”


It is important to track your diet and remain accountable to your trainer on it as often we don’t realise how many calories are in the food we eat – see the image below to get an idea of what 100 calories of different foods looks like.


100 calories
100 calories of certain foods.

Semi Private Sessions


“I find that when you have sessions with two or three people it’s actually very nice because it motivates you.


“You don’t feel so isolated in the sense of I can’t do this.


“When you see the other person next to you and see that they are good at that but I’m better than them at that.


“It motivates you because you realize I’m not the only one who can’t do certain things and there’s a team work there so that’s very good.”


Semi-Private Banter
Great fun at the 19.00 session – earning their dinner 🙂

If Sonia’s story resonates with you make sure to reach out to a trainer suitable for you.


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