How to booze and still lose…

First thing to mention here is avoiding a hangover in the first place. Set limits. Here are some tips:


  • I find having a bottle of beer and nursing it like a baby seal on a night out is fine and people aren’t trying to top you up or buy you another round all the time.
  • Start going for tasty mocktails (like in the image above) or non-alcoholic beers after a certain point.
  • Tell your friends you have to be up early the following day in order to give you an excuse to nip of early or reduce alcohol intake.
  • Be aware of the calorie content of different alcoholic beverages e.g. a gin & tonic (approximately 110) contains a lot less calories than a pint of beer (approximately 210).

The main aim is developing a healthy relationship towards alcohol where you never feel under pressure to drink and only do so when you want to. To get to a stage where you can say, “I’m not drinking because I don’t want to” or “I’m only having two because anymore will set me back on my goals”.

Now some tips linked to diet when you are hungover:

Often a hangover makes you want to eat crap. In this case, you must suck it up and show some willpower. Don’t give in to your cravings. Just know that they will pass as the alcohol leaves your system.

In fact, fasting is one of the fastest ways to get rid of a hangover. Since alcohol is perceived as a toxin in the body, our body prioritises getting rid of it. Any food we intake just slows down this whole process. If you’re really struggling, try taking a drink containing electrolyte. This will help you rehydrate. Powerade Zero is a good option. Dioralyte or Pedialyte sachets can also be used. Try to remember to take one of these before you go to bed after a night of drinking too. The hangover will be much less painful.

Do Not treat yourself to a junk food binge the morning after. This is the worst possible time to do so! Your body will be so busy trying to oxidise the calories from the alcohol and the food from the night before that any more incoming food will have to be stored as body fat.

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