6 of the Best – eat2perform with these Top Meals from 2016!

Avoca’s recipe of Baked Chicken with Parmesan – healthy additions to the recipe were sweet potato, mushrooms and spinach.

You wouldn’t intentionally put diesel in a petrol engine. So why do the same with your diet? Make sure you are getting it right!

Whether it’s a commitment to health up our current meal choices or experiment with new feel good recipes, we can always be better than before when it comes to our diets.

Here are the pick of the healthy meal pics from Performance Treanor’s Instagram in 2016 along with preparation explanations.

1. Breakfast of champions:


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This was Gordon Strachan’s favourite when he was a player. The kiwi gives it an added dimension. A really great brekkie anytime during the week particularly if you exercise around noon. High energy and satiating.

2. It’s offaly good and versatile:


#eattoperform #performancetreanor #liver #garlic #onions #sweetpotato #brusselsprouts #getinmybelly

In a documentary called ‘the truth about meat’ it advised that many of the general population should eat less processed meat like chorizo and pepperoni. They suggest replacing it with offal. So the above picture is an effort with a dish including calf liver.

Below are two good links for simple ways to cook liver and sprouts:


Liver can also be used in a good auld fridge emptying omelette.


#prematchgrub #eat2perform #performancetreanor #liver #peppers #tomatoes #meltedgouda

3. No fishy business – just cook it and eat!


#healthyeating #oilyfish #eat2perform #performancetreanor #hisandhers

Put everything in the oven for 45 minutes at 180 Celsius. Add a cup of water and the juices will seep in nicely during cooking. Before putting in the oven cover the dish with tinfoil. Whole trout with olives, cherry tomatoes, 2 medium spuds chopped, 1 medium onion chopped and sliced lemon to flavour. One addition that could be nice would be capers. 

4. Prepare to succeed:


#eat2perform #performancetreanor #foodpreparation

It’s all about food preparation!

Not motivated to make a whole dish at once, chop the vegetables and finish cooking it tomorrow.

Make your life easier and clean up utensils as you go along.

Eating healthy involves time investment so manage your time in the best way possible to ensure you are making it as simple as possible.

#leek and #potato #soup #bonapp

Here’s the recipe:


5. You will feel minty fresh after this one:


Who said cold #lentil salad is just for summer?

#bonapp #eat2perform #performancetreanor #olives #cucumber #feta #mint

Lentils have good protein content at approximately 20% so this dish could be popular among people trying to up their intake.

The lentils were cooked in water, #garlic #bayleaves and #chickenstock for flavour. The garlic and leaves were removed before serving.

The garlic did not go to waste however and was used when cooking up a #lambchop to accompany the dish. The chop was also cooked with a bit of #rosemary #redwine #soya and #honey

The dressing is made up of #oliveoil #balsamicvinegar #wholegrainmustard and #honey

A nice lunch adaption is with the addition of #tuna and #tomatoes to the dish.

Here’s the salad recipe:


6. Ensure a rich souply:


#Toshareornottoshare ?? #ingredientoftheweek was #pumpkin

This recipe serves as a good guideline:


A trick before peeling the pumpkin is to slice it in quarters and deseed. Then put it in the microwave for 2-4 minutes on full heat. This makes it easier to peel.

#eat2perform #performancetreanor #Bonapp

Why not give one of these dishes a go? Let’s experiment and enjoy cooking. Do this through a commitment to being better than before with our diets.

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Let’s get in the zone for 2017!



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