Podcast – How to perform in a sales environment with 12 Tips from Top Entrepreneur Sean McGarrity

I show them that sales in my mind is so easy. It’s just so easy to sell shit. And your problem is that you think it is all this mystical stuff that you’ve got to do. There’s all these steps and words and things. There’s not!”

Sean McGarrity went bankrupt when his automobile dealership went bust. He then chose to build up a business from scratch. He decided to train the personal trainers in a unique fashion. Here’s his story in our first podcast.

Please note there is a small amount of bad language throughout before proceeding:


For those who like short summaries, here are the 12 key points with some brief audio clips of advice worth its weight in gold from Sean.

Transcripts for the full podcast and audio clips can be found at the bottom of the article.

1. If you don’t believe in it, don’t sell it!

This applies to yourself and your product.

If you were at an interview for a job and you deep down don’t believe you are right for the role or vice versa it will be difficult to sell yourself in your best light.

Similarly with your product if you’re not 100% confident in it, fix it to the point where you are. If it’s beyond repair move on to a new project.


2. People don’t buy products, they buy people.

Customers need to see the person beyond the sale!

Sean consistently made the point you will not buy a product from someone you don’t like. I’m sure we can all think of examples where we have walked away from a store because of a rude staff member.

Luckily for us the inverse applies and customers will remain loyal to you because they like you. They will often forego potential alternatives because of this personal relationship.

Here’s an example from the car industry, the full podcast contains the whole story and it’s a cracker!


3. People do not buy when you want them to buy, people buy when they want to buy.

Sean mentioned the salesman making the customer feel comfortable saying yes. He also passed on the following advice that he heard from Jordan Belfort,

“Your job as a sales person is not to turn noes into yeses. It is not. Never overcome someone’s objections and force them to buy a product. Your job is to make people who are close feel comfortable saying yes”.

Here’s an important caveat about forcing a sale.


4. KLT – Get to 10 on the scale of each!

People trust authenticity. Practice what you preach!

Sean makes this point about over-complicating sales,

“I don’t like this idea of selling where you’re like this part of the thing you should be qualifying and this part you should be building rapport and this part you should be offering. It’s all done at the same god damn time!”

Just build KLT, here it’s revealed.


5. Seek first to understand – ask questions then LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN!

Sean describes a cardinal sin when you are asked to sell a pen as part of an interview for a sales role.

“So the first mistake is they jump straight into the pitch”.

Here’s his advice, ask the following questions and really listen to the answer:

“Ok, so how long have you been in the market for a pen?”

“And what do you look for in a really great pen?”

Now you know all you need to sell the customer a pen and most importantly whether they are even in the market for one!


6. Secure your Marketing, Sales and Fulfillment buckets.

Sean refers to the 3 buckets for lasting sales. Fulfillment is the ability to carry out and go beyond what your customer expects. You must invest enough in your product so that it does this.

Then once this has been achieved you will put enough into the marketing bucket to fuel the sales necessary for your business to thrive.


7. Vision drives Performance and overcomes Barriers.

“Last picture ever taken of me in a suit. 2 months before I was broke and on the street.”

Remind yourself often of your end goal. Visualize it.

This can act as an anchor when times are tough to get you through.

Sean believes,

“The closer to the goal you get the bigger the obstacles become so if you’re getting obstacles just know that you are fucking close and keep going, persist!”


8. No such thing as a failed sale.

Frame sales in the right way.

It’s not trial and error.

Have a trial and learn mindset!


9. Stop cold calling, it’s 2016!

Make your communication with clients intimate.

This can be done by providing useful free information packages when customers access your site in return for a full name and email address.

“You give something that they really value then they will give you some details in order to receive that thing… Now you’ve made this conversation a lot more intimate… Email is a very intimate form of communication.”


10. Success through prep, tonality, body language and dress!

In his own job as the owner of Elite Fitness and Performance Academy where Sean trains the personal trainers of tomorrow he said he should not and would not wear a suit.

In the setting it would look like all he is interested in is money.

Another important point he makes is to talk with conviction and put people at ease with your body language, it’s the way that you do it!

“The sooner people begin to learn that sort of thing the sooner they’re gonna act and talk like an influencer and then yes things will happen”.

Until you reach that point, put on a brave face.

“You’ve got to act as if you are the person you want to become and soon enough you will become that person”.

Here’s some advice on the preparation side of things applicable to job interviews and client visits.


11. Commit to continual improvement – the importance of role models.

Sean with his Sales Role Model Jordan Belfort.

Infamous performance coach, Dave Alred describes the importance of the “better than before” mindset.

Sean reflects this approach in everything that he does.


12. Negotiating on price – it’s avoidable!

Sean says,

“Prequalification is massive!”

Before they are sitting in front of you figure out their price range. Companies can do this with price lists and asking the customer’s budget early in the conversation.

Better still, sell on a limbic level and price doesn’t need to enter the equation!



Was price going to stop these Personal Trainers?



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