Eat to perform – 5 tips


“I have more than enough time” should be the new mantra when it comes to getting your diet right.

1. Beware the quick fix.

Most foods providing instant gratification don’t provide sustainable energy. The immediate high can be offset by a significant low post binge.

2. Clear the calendar once a week – just once!

Use 1 day a week to prepare healthy food. I would recommend Sundays as it can then be stored for the following week.

3. It’s not one portion fits all.

When serving a child or partner a portion, note that we don’t all have the same energy and calorie requirements thus the portion sizes don’t have to be the same.

4. Make it fun.

Cooking something with a friend or other half can be fun so try and make it a habit. Could it be an alternative to going for a coffee?

Also how about we buy a new ingredient each time we go to the super market to expand our horizons?

5. Introduce more vegetables!

One word – soup! A great way to introduce more veg to your diet. Most of us make up our 5 a day of fruit as it is more convenient and sweet. Let’s even this out!

Here’s some lovely Leek and Potato soup I prepared today.


Soup recipes to help you get started can be found at:


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