Here are 5 tips to help you enjoy sleep more. In recent times many people struggle from adding it to the list of things they must do as part of a daily routine…

1. Don’t force it

Too many of us pressure sleep. “I must get my 8 hours”. This pressure makes sleeping a chore.

When you get into bed tell yourself this is all rest time and I will sleep when I sleep. This will help you to relax. See your 8 hours as rest time so you don’t have to necessarily be sleeping for that whole period but allowing yourself to relax.

2. Repeat this mantra

“I have nowhere that I have to be or no problem that I must solve, I give myself the permission to relax”.

3. Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This involves tensing your muscles and then relaxing them to notice the difference between being tense and at rest. The video embedded above was one I found very useful.

4. Notice your thoughts

If you are getting caught up with stressful thoughts don’t tell them to go away. Notice them and label them e.g. that’s a fearful thought. Then picture it driving on by like a car in the street.

5. Anchor yourself by reviewing the day just gone

Recap the day just gone in a factual way. I had breakfast which was porridge with blueberries and honey then I washed my teeth etc. If we get distracted, note it and then come back to where you left the recap of your day.

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