A Guide to Greatness: John McPhee Supply Chain Lead at Nike

John McPhee

John McPhee is the Global Supply Chain University Program Lead at Nike.

In this talk John describes the path to happiness as being through living with the three G’s. Before this he describes his past working in the mines under intense pressure.

John’s 3 G’s:

Gratitude for the past and the positive people we have encountered. However he mentions we should be even more grateful for the negative people we encountered and how we have learnt and grown from these experiences.

Living with Grit in the present. This means showing passion backed by perseverance for our current pursuits in life.

Lastly is seeking opportunities for Growth in the future. This could mean putting ourselves outside our comfort zone and seeking the uncomfortable occasionally as a chance to expand our horizons. Recent Performance Treanor interviewee Eimear McGeown did this by branching out from her usual classical flute playing by joining an indie rock band.

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